Environmental sustainability within organizations has evolved from an afterthought, to a proactive strategic plan. Becoming environmentally friendly can lower your costs while helping to achieve the competitive advantage manufacturers need in today’s global market.

Most organizations realize that manufacturing facilities offer the greatest potential for improvements in their environmental performance and PGS leads the industry in “Green” cost savings initiatives.

PGS has implemented Global Green Impact™ in several American Automotive OEM facilities. Data analysis demonstrates the impact of repurposing just one protective detail, which is a plastic, rubber, or composite part used to protect any critical surface.

Using an industry standard published by Waste Management Inc. (NYSC: WMI) PGS has accurately assessed the savings each re-certified plastic part has on the environment. The cost savings calculation is based on piece price only. The environmental data provided has additional cost savings implications for each facility concerning internal waste stream savings, which would be determined by specific internal measurables.

Global Green Example

The following example represents only 1 repurposed plastic part, from 1 facility over 1 year:

Recertified Green Plastic Seal Protector

Annual Savings: $74,246

Environmental Savings

Land Fill Savings: 6.7 tons of plastic
Land Fill Space: 5,325 cubic feet
Barrels of Oil: 21 (685 gallons)