PGS delivers complete production assembly and offers processing to convert your full production lines to building service assemblies at PGS.  We supply production components to most major OEM’s and offer complete on-line tracability.  Integrating PGS into your business model for all power train service assembly requirements will standardize a process traditionally difficult to manage and opens valuable manufacturing space for high volume, new model production.

Receiving and assembling components from all over the world is possible because PGS incorporates technology into every aspect of production. We manage inventory, assemble components, pack/repack and deliver to your customer using a variety of EDI systems.

PGS builds production assemblies for many Automotive and Defense customers. It is at the core of our business model to design processes that assist with the logistical issues of today’s’ Global Marketplace.

Quality is designed into production by observing the stringent standards of the industry, enabling PGS to manage your needs and exceed your expectations.

Our 30 years of experience combined with extensive manufacturing and warehouse space in SE Michigan, allow PGS to offer innovative supply chain management and production programs.